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HN-7506 High Noise Environment Headset Monitor

Sound mixers often find themselves in very high noise environments such as helicopters, raceways, firing ranges, rock concerts, etc., left with ringing ears and wondering what was actually being recorded.

Providing extreme isolation from outside noise and using Sony MDR-7506 drivers with special baffling, the Remote Audio HN-7506 allows accurate, full-range monitoring in loud environments and adds a high degree of protection from hearing damage while giving the user the familiar sound of the industry standard Sony headphones.

Remote Audio Wireless Pouch Kit

  • 1 Pouch, with Velcro over-the-top
  • 1 Leg elastic strap
  • 1 Waist elastic strap

    Please Specify Color: Black, White or Tan.

  • The Speak Easy is small enough to be easily hidden
  • Plant it in an antique radio so the actors have something to react to
  • Plant it in a car during a tow scene and the director can talk to the actors
  • Plant it inside a piano with a wireless receiver for realistic track playback
  • Use it on your cart to listen without headphones
  • Interfaces with the Remote Audio push-to-talk BoomBox
  • XLR input for balanced +4dB signals and RCA input for unbalanced –10dB signals
  • XLR input for mic level signals (-45dB nom.)
  • Internal Power: 9V battery
  • External Power: 10VDC–15VDC on BP-90 type connector (center positive)
  • Dimensions: 4.6" x 4.5" x 7.3"
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

Speak Easy V2

Give this little guy a 9 volt battery
and a line or mic level signal and you’re set
for a variety of everyday on-the-set
situations, with surprising fidelity.

Battery life will depend on how much and how loud the Speak Easy is being used, but typical intermittent use will yield a full production day. When no signal is present, current draw is less than 6mA. (12mA mic pre on)

Anyone who works in audio knows the value of adapters. Getting out of one hole and into another can be critical. Well, anyway…… you know what I mean. Most of the time you have adapters but it’s never the one you need or your always tempted to stick four of them together for some Star Wars contraption.

Adapt-a-Pak is a specially selected group of adapters collected in one case for convenient use in the field. There are 55 adapters total, of 26 types. The case is constructed of clear plastic making possible a quick visual confirmation of what you have. This case also includes dividers which eliminates the need to rummage through a pile of adapters in your bag. Try pricing these adapters individually. It’s not pretty. The following connectors are included:

2) ¼” mono / 3.5 mm mono 2) BNC 2 way splitter
4) ¼” mono / RCA jack 2) BNC female / 3.5 mm mono male
2) RCA male / 3.5 mm mono jack 2) BNC female / RCA male
2) 3.5 mm mono/ RCA male 2) BNC female / BNC male right angle
2) RCA male / ¼” mono jack 2) BNC female / BNC female
2) 3.5 mm mono / ¼” mono jack 2) ¼” TRS male 3 pin XLR female
2) RCA jack/ RCA jack 2) ¼” TRS male / 3 pin XLR male
2) ¼” mono male / 3pin XLR male 2) RCA female / 3 pin XLR female
2) 3 pin male XLR / 3 pin male XLR 2) RCA male / 3 pin XLR female
2) ¼” mono female / 3 pin XLR male 2) RCA female / 3 pin XLR male
2) ¼” mono male / 3 pin XLR male 2) RCA male / 3 pin XLR male
2) ¼” mono female / 3 pin XLR femalE 2) 3 pin XLR female / 3 pin XLR female
2) ¼” stereo male / 3.5mm stereo female 1) Patch Cable - 3.5 mm stereo male / dual RCA male

Last updated: 30.11.03